When Curiosity Turns Into Noodling

Noodling is an important part of my life - sliding happily down a rabbit-hole for a couple hours to satisfy a 'What if?'. On many of these noodle trips serendipity happens - a tip here, a bit of an 'Eureka!' there - and suddenly I find a whole new way to do things. A few years back I wrote up a few Photoshop actions that were helpful at the

A Canadian Winter Myth

It is in a Canadian's genetics to wait for Winter with bated breath - right? Ahhh no... not really... at least for ME! I grew up on an Island - surrounded by water - in the middle of a temperate rainforest - a WARM temperate rainforest. And while the rest of Canada shoveled / snowblowed / ski-doo'd through the 4 - 6 months of whiteness, Winter

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

My wife rolls her eyes at the collection of 'things' I collect. I am an 'upcycler-recycler' by nature, perhaps an artifact of growing up on an Island, relatively far from the nearest hardware store. When we moved here to Ottawa I had to promise to 'lighten the load' before the movers arrived. And I did - a good ton of odds and ends went into the