Bienvenue dans mon atelier!

“Life is a workshop filled with rusty tools sharpened by the repeated grinding of experience.”

This is not a negative description, simply a statement of how life removes the rust of sitting on the bench waiting for the master to build something.My life is a workshop, some days I tinker, some days I build with a purpose and other days I simply lock the door and go fishing.

Here you will find my 'works in progress' whether snippets of code or perhaps a graphic WIP or two. From time to time, when I have a real rant on, you will find essays that perhaps need a little tuning up or toning down. After spending 15 years in operational meteorology weather forecasting is in my blood. Look for new forecasting apps to appear here first.

And finally...

I have been ‘writing’, more scribbling, since Tim Ewart and I tried to create the ‘Great Canadian Novel’ in Grade 2. The art part came later, much later, splashing murals on the barrack room walls in Egypt. But in all my ‘expressions’ lives a need to communicate – thoughts, ideas, opinions.

Hopefully something here reaches out to you.


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